Saturday, 25 April 2015

eXtra Special Nails. You Wont Get It.

Maybe I will explain these nails later, but I like them at the moment because most people wont understand them. Just a select few ;) That makes them eXtra Special.  This was mostly done with acrylic paint.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Kiko Wisteria: You may not be the best polish, but at least you aren't a horrible person

Well I had...a day. First half of the day was great. Second, not so much. Long story short, got onto a commuter train, and some annoying guy who was with his son, asked if he could use my phone. I said no, for multiple reasons. One being I just didn't want him using my phone. Anyway, he got angry at me and started going off and calling me the N word, and saying how horrible black people can be. And this went on for a while. I was livid. It took a lot for me to not say anything. Long story short I contacted security, and technically I can press charges for harassment, but I'm not going to. I don't want to waste my time on filth like that. I will say I felt bad for the son(who was for sure biracial[not black though]), who was telling him to "Shut up" the whole time.

Now for the polish. This is two coats of Kiko Wisteria, a periwinkle textured polish, sans shimmer. I honestly didn't know how I would feel about this. I love textured polishes, but never loved the look of textured without shimmer. I always though it looked like a bumpy wall, but I decided to wear this today because I do love the colour. Honestly, I actually really liked it at first. I think it looks good on the nail, but from a far. I think textured polish in general looks better when it's not right in your face. What I didn't like about it was the dry time was it was longer than any other textured polish I own, and it got DIRTY from the dark foundation on my face. Which was impossible to wash off.

Overall I don't hate this polish, but I don't love it. Maybe I can find something artsy to do with it!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Well look what we have here: Poison Claws

Even when I don't post on here for a while I am pretty much always taking photos of my nails when I do them. And I always upload them, and I'll say to myself "I'll write about you eventually".  Usually I get around to it, but today I have a manicure that I TOTALLY forgot I did till looking through my photos.

First is Dior Poison. This is a beautiful deep purple cream. It falls in that almost black, but not category. In person it is VERY dark, but it is clear that it is purple. Application was super easy 2 coats, as it is with all my Dior polishe's. To finish it off, and add a little flair, I added some Barry M Majesty. I think these two colours go together perfectly. And it's manicures like this that make me miss my longer nails.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Wild Weather

I need a rain jacket guys. I am the kind of person that prefers overcast and drizzly days, but I hate that my jacket isn't waterproof. Because then I end up feeling cold, even when it's somewhat warm outside. I will say despite my hatred for hot weather in general one of the things loved about when I was in Trinidad was that the weather was so warm the rain was like a shower.

Speaking of things that are cold, my cold is MUCH better. It appears that it wasn't a bad cold, as it never got to the point where I felt like I needed to lie in bed wish tissues by my side all day. While it wasn't a horrible cold it still sucked any extra energy I had to spare, and I just could not bring myself to do my Wild nails for my A-Z Challenge on time. So here they are finally.

Because I was still feeling under the weather when I did these I wanted to keep them simple. They are really fun leopard print nails. I used Picture Polish's Mad Magenta for a base,  and Barry M's Majesty and Zoya's Dahlia for the spots. It was quick and easy!

No top coat

Top coat

Friday, 17 April 2015

Art Deco: Third Times The Charm?

So I have a cold...again. This is my THIRD cold THIS YEAR. I know exactly who I got each cold from, but at the same time I probably should be treating my body a bit better so I'm not so susceptible. I really wanted to do my A-Z challenge yesterday, but I just feel too blah to do anything fun with my nails. So here is a mani I did a few days ago using my Catrice polish I just reviewed.

Since I have been wanting to do more nail art the past few weeks, but I have been super busy, striping tape, has coming in handy. It can be quite time consuming, depending on the design, but I find that when using it for accent nails you can get away with doing more creative designs without taking forever.

I wore Catrice's Oh My Goldness for a day, but after that first day, I just knew I had to add some art deco to it. It just felt like it was calling out for it. The designs weren't hard to do, but they were a bit tricky trying to get everything even when using my non dominant hand. The rhinestones are from KKCenterHk. I think it's safe to say that I am really loving this manicure.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Catrice - Oh My Goldness!: Best brush ever.

Today I have a polish brand that is new to me. Well new in the sense that I had never tried it, only heard of it.  It's Catrice Oh My Goldness! It's a densely packed glitter/shimmer in a clear base. I only needed to coats, but I added a third for the photo. I was a bit unsure of the colour at first. While its name indicates gold, it leans towards a coppery orange. Once I put it on I ended up loving it. I think it looks great on me, but I'm not sure it will look good on all skintones.

My favourite part of this polish would have to be the brush. Right when I started using it I KNEW it was my new favourite brush. Now my nails aren't wide, but they aren't tiny. I personally like wide brushes over skinny brushes, they are easier for me to use. This brush was a wide brush, but not too wide. The thing that made me love this brush was the flexibility of the brush. It wasn't too floppy, or too stiff, which meant I had perfect control. This meant it wasn't too wide for narrow nails, like my pinky. And at the same time I meant I also got good coverage on wider nails because the brush spread out just enough to easily paint them without ever feeling limp.

Overall I loved this polish, and would love to try out some more from them. Do you guys have a favourite?

Monday, 13 April 2015

Ok, THIS post is late: Things are getting hairy

So I have missed a few weeks of the A-Z Challenge, but one week I didn't want to miss was unusual. I feel like in the past I did a lot of weird manicures and I kind of miss doing them like I used to. I though this would be a great time to try something I had been wanting to give a go for a while. And since I was busy the week of this challenge I never did it until the other day.

Back in December someone in a Facebook group I'm part of posted a video that shared 3 nail polish tricks. One of them involved making a striping brush out of your own hair. I thought that would be great to try with my hair, my natural hair. My hair is currently a bunch of different textures, so I decided to cut a little over an inch long coil from the end of my hair(after I cut it I stretched out the coil and it was over 7 inches long. Not surprising as it's curly and I have shrinkage), and tape it to the end of another brush handle. Then I went to town painting with my own hair. First I used pink and orange acrylic paint, then I used Orly Charged Up for the purple. Obviously because my hair is curly I'm not going to get stripes, but I did like the design I ended up with. It was like a combination of splatters and flowers :P

 The "brush" I used :P
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